Magnetic resonance equipment, Kampo Supernova 1.5 Tesla

Magnetic resonance equipment is used to obtain images of the inside of the human body, thanks to the resolution of these images can advance in a better diagnosis, treatment or recovery of the patient.

Kampo is a company founded in 2010, mainly engaged in R&D, production of MRI systems, X-ray systems, medical image processing software, digitized upgrade solutions for MRI and X-ray systems, supply of key components for MRI and X-ray systems.

Supernova 1.5T is China's first superconducting MRI system using fiber optic data transmission technology. With the digitized 16-channel RF coil and state-of-the-art fiber transmission technology, it fills the gap in the field of superconducting MRI. The lts gradient system developed by our own R&D team. The excellent image quality ensures desirable clinical diagnosis.